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You may recall that I quit my job to travel the world.  While I did save enough money to keep me going, no one likes to watch a dwindling bank account.  Here are a few ways I make some extra cash between trips.  Some of these can also be easily done on the road!  Disclaimer: I am not saying these are ways to get rich.  But think about it, even if you just made $10 per day, that is two nights in a hostel in Thailand. Every little bit counts!

Teach English Online For Money

Do you speak English?  If yes, you can download the app “Palfish” (make sure it is not the student version), set up a profile, and get to work.  There is an approval process that takes roughly two days.  This app is primarily for Chinese people looking to improve their English.  It allows you to receive “free talk” phone calls either by appointment or simply by being online.  You set your own rate by the minute (in Chinese Yuan) and will get paid via PayPal once per month.  There are also options to create podcasts, live sessions, and lessons for purchase.   While I definitely don’t make a fortune doing this, it is very rewarding and I learn quite a bit about Chinese culture. Just so you have a frame of reference, I made over $50 this week and worked no more than a couple hours each day.

Sell Your Shit For Money

Do you have a bunch of clothes and accessories you don’t use anymore?  Did you realize after time spent traveling, that you truly can do with less?  Download the app Poshmark and get posting your unwanted items.  It is also a good forum to freshen up your travel wardrobe at a discounted price.  Use my code when you sign up and get 5 free dollars! Code: GJAHY

Participate in Focus Groups For Money

I recommend googling focus groups in your area and signing up for all of the companies possible.  You will start to receive emails with surveys to see if you qualify for the specific focus group.  Remember your answers to these surveys, because if you qualify, you will need to answer the questions again over the phone.  If chosen for a focus group, you typically get paid with a visa gift card (which is just as good as money).  I have received up to $200 for no more than 2 hours work.  Keep in mind, the ideal candidate has not participated in a focus group recently.  For example, if you just completed a focus group with Company A and Company B calls with a qualifying screener, it is best not to mention your participation with Company A (to increase your odds of being selected).

Sell Your Gadgets For Money

Maybe you have some old smartphones or laptops lying around after you’ve upgraded to the latest version.  Well you can trade them in, in exchange for cash!  I made $75 by trading in my iPhone 5s.  Not too bad for a phone I don’t use anymore.  The site is Gazelle.com, but I would appreciate if you use my referral link; it will benefit both of us!

Fill Out Surveys For Money

Just sign up with Survey Savvy and fill out surveys as they reach your inbox.  You may not always qualify for the surveys, but if you do, the value of the survey is deposited into your account.  You are able to request a check in the mail at anytime for the balance of your account.

Get Money Back for Shopping

Do you need to online shop and stock up for your next trip abroad?  Before you do, be sure to sign up here for Ebates.  You simply search for the store you intend to shop at, and access their site through the Ebates site.  You will then qualify for a percentage of cash back on your purchase.  The amount of cash back varies from store to store, but it is free money on something you planned to buy anyway!  Ebates will send you a “big fat check” in the mail quarterly.  They also have a great referral program so tell your friends!

Earn Airline Miles

Now the last couple of ways I earn for travel come in the form of airline miles, specifically United in my situation.  I am able to earn United miles by completing surveys with Opinion Miles Club as well as with e-rewards.  I prefer e-rewards because your account is compensated a small amount even if you do not qualify for a survey.  You build up the money in your e-rewards account and then can exchange it for airline miles, hotel loyalty points, magazine subscriptions and other options.  Opinion Miles Club will directly deposit miles into your MileagePlus account upon completion of the survey.  Miles here and there add up to free flights!  I have booked a one way flight on United solely with miles earned from these two survey opportunities.

So, no, I don’t have your typical full time job anymore.  But when people ask what I do all day when I am not traveling, read above!  I’m a busy girl!

Some of these links get me referral bonuses, some don’t.

Here are a few quick ways to make money without having a real job. Some can also be completed while traveling. What are you waiting for?

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