If you had to name your autobiography right now, what would it be called? In all honesty, mine would be called, “What the Eff am I Doing?” I am in my 30s, I left my full time job because it wasn’t a good fit, and I bought a one-way ticket to Indonesia alone without a semblance of a plan. This is about 4 years after I left my full time job because I was super burnt out and bought a one-way ticket to Ecuador alone (with a semblance of a plan).

The most inspirational quote I may have ever heard is, “follow your envy.” And I am! For me, my envy is experiencing super badass places, people, and cultures. I love getting to know the world outside my American bubble. I love the feeling of discomfort when I am left to my own devices to figure out how things work in different countries (though a little pre-trip research never hurt anyone). The thing with passion is that it feels a bit contrived. Passion is what you think you should want where envy is deep down what you actually want (I get a bit philosophical when I’m not working full time and have time to muse about things).

Admittedly, I did a horrible job keeping up with this blog during my initial one-way ticket jaunt…mainly because I created it after I came home. This time will be different because I also envy quality travel writing. Please feel free to follow along! Maybe it will be helpful, maybe it will be inspirational, maybe you’ll feel your own sense of envy, but I can assure you, it will make you laugh on occasion…because I will embarrass myself and I will write about it.


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