So who am I? My name is Cali, that is the one thing I have sorted out. My blog was originally born as a way to document my travels after I was afforded a unique opportunity from my previous job as an engineer. I was offered a leave of absence (summer 2015), a portion of my pay, and the promise of a phone call in a years time to get my job back.  With that, I was off to see the world. When that phone call came, I made the decision to continue traveling and ultimately cut the cord from my company.

However, my blog did not physically exist until a year into my travels. I always wanted to write about what I was up to, but never did. When I was home for the holidays after 11 months on the road, I finally decided to do the damn thing. And here we have it.

After two years of nearly non-stop travel, I am back home and on the hunt for some semblance stability. Will I still travel? Duh…Every chance I get. Am I gonna live out of a tiny backpack and share sleeping quarters with 11 rambunctious strangers for months on end? Not for the foreseeable future.

Right now, I have enough material to write about that I technically would never need to take another trip, but that is too boring for me. Feel free to follow along, read my tips, embarrassing stories, and watch as I attempt to sort out my life. Thanks for checking out my blog!